True anonymous internet Browsing

How navigate online truly anonymously

True anonymous internet Browsing

We are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All that we share, we say, we buy, we used, where we are going and with whom; most likely part of a huge database that could be used against us at any time, information gathered illegally and without the informed consent of anyone.

Much has given that talk about the small little issue of the NSA and the resounding fact that the Government of the United States US Spy to all Internet users blatantly, all though we do not live in their country and not have anything to do with its laws, its wars and with its anti-terrorist battles, which often use an excuse to proclaim itself the world’s policeman. Although this is the most known case and that it has more given that talk, the truth is that the majority of Governments has chosen to spy on its citizens.

All sounds very alarming, but time passes and passes and it seems that nobody care about. Although the Sillicon Valley’s leading companies have already joined forces to request that the U.S. Government and the NSA comply with due process to request the data of its users, we have not arrived at that point a tool like this can be very helpful for gamers and help them access restricted content anonymously, and the reality is there is no privacy on the Internet it makes time.

It is possible that you don’t worry you, and you say something like “which should not fear it”, but that is to lose yourself in full “the big picture”, the great elephant in the room, the irrefutable truth that guys hired by a foreign Government have the power to check your emails private without prior authorization or justifiable cause. Something that should never happen, things for which it is assumed that there are laws that protect us.

Whatever it is, if you are uncomfortable with this whole situation and looking for ways to surf the web anonymously, the cascade of information available is perhaps overwhelming, and seems very complex so the VPNs and proxies. There are free and easy to use by any user, services is thus the most Rookie, that allow us to reduce the footprint we leave by using the network and that they can protect us from this kind of abuse, or help us to access sites blocked by our ISP or Government (such as in Venezuela).

In Bitelia we tell you today about 4 extremely simple to use services and insurance to surf the web anonymously and protect your identity.

Internet offers millions of opportunities but also carries some that another danger. On the one hand is the security, since if access to pages little recommended, maybe you take of remember some file malicious. Another aspect to have in has is it privacy, as is inevitable that after search by Internet or access to certain pages that leave cookies in our computer, the page to which have accessed will know things of us, as habits of search or even in what country are. Before these two challenges, protect our security and our privacy, one of those systems that rather works is the use of connection VPN online.

It access VPN implies that the data that send and receive from your computer passed by a filter, a server that serves of protection. An example of VPN service that draws attention by being free and available for most platforms, is Spotflux, since it is very easy to install, requires no configuration and ensures privacy and security in equal parts.