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Buy Instagram Followers

The life of entrepreneurs, it is often a little lonely. Of course you have your staff, your customers and partners, but at the time of search innovation and meeting the news, in many cases, the work is your own. Wouldn’t it be great to hear other people’s suggestions and have more collaboration, each sharing what it does and the results you got?

Because that’s exactly what a group of readers of this column did. In February, when we publish the text “a step by step for your business to invest in marketing, with tips for campaigns and other marketing activities, we ask that people share their experiences to help other entrepreneurs with ideas.

Among the suggestions received, two came from the power segment, and we’re going to count now for you.

Gilberto Junior, of Premiatto, for example, explained that they are focusing more on digital marketing this year, with actions on Facebook and Instagram. With this strategy they achieved significant increase of sales, in addition to more customer loyalty. Sure, it’s a very positive feedback!

In addition to thank Gilberto for the collaboration which, of course, will help many people, I would like to say who the best proof the menu of social networks is always satisfied, making an allusion to the segment of restaurants. After all, it’s just for Facebook and Instagram that Brazilians more dedicated time. Spread the dishes, promotions and recipes, plus making off, can be a very positive idea to woo more audience and shares. In addition, in the case of franchises, for example, you can invest in Facebook campaigns geared to a particular neighborhood, city or region, reaching directly and the public that the brand wants to impact.

In any case, another rule of not publishing just propaganda, but also deliver relevant content, of interest to customers, how to tips, facts about ingredients, typical dishes of travel itinerary, recipes that made success in certain films, in addition to posting (with authorization), photos of customers in the restaurant, social events etc.

Needless to say that William’s ideas can be an excellent source of inspiration for other restaurants, right? Again, Facebook and Instagram are the best channels to invest in social networks. If you want to dare a little, how about a plan for the Snapchat, which is still little explored in this segment by the competition?

For the commemoration of the anniversary, the House may suggest a cultural contest, for example, to engage customers and attract others. In addition to the weekly promotions, another easy idea to be implemented is a loyalty program. Thus, customers earn and accumulate points, which then can be redeemed for a dessert, discount, a drink special or another advantage.

The strengthening of partnerships for sale can also be explored and reported on social networks and even in email marketing campaigns for clients in the House. And the sushi can be further worked on social networks. How about a challenge, for example, for people to share your recipes?

The tips from readers who collaborated with this column are very valuable and can make all the difference in your business, even if it’s not a restaurant. Any suggestions in this respect can be adapted to any company. But, even so, if you have any questions about your thread or some action or strategies, send to this essay, as it may help a lot of people!