True anonymous internet Browsing

How navigate online truly anonymously

True anonymous internet Browsing

We are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All that we share, we say, we buy, we used, where we are going and with whom; most likely part of a huge database that could be used against us at any time, information gathered illegally and without the informed consent of anyone.

Much has given that talk about the small little issue of the NSA and the resounding fact that the Government of the United States US Spy to all Internet users blatantly, all though we do not live in their country and not have anything to do with its laws, its wars and with its anti-terrorist battles, which often use an excuse to proclaim itself the world’s policeman. Although this is the most known case and that it has more given that talk, the truth is that the majority of Governments has chosen to spy on its citizens.

All sounds very alarming, but time passes and passes and it seems that nobody care about. Although the Sillicon Valley’s leading companies have already joined forces to request that the U.S. Government and the NSA comply with due process to request the data of its users, we have not arrived at that point a tool like this can be very helpful for gamers and help them access restricted content anonymously, and the reality is there is no privacy on the Internet it makes time.

It is possible that you don’t worry you, and you say something like “which should not fear it”, but that is to lose yourself in full “the big picture”, the great elephant in the room, the irrefutable truth that guys hired by a foreign Government have the power to check your emails private without prior authorization or justifiable cause. Something that should never happen, things for which it is assumed that there are laws that protect us.

Whatever it is, if you are uncomfortable with this whole situation and looking for ways to surf the web anonymously, the cascade of information available is perhaps overwhelming, and seems very complex so the VPNs and proxies. There are free and easy to use by any user, services is thus the most Rookie, that allow us to reduce the footprint we leave by using the network and that they can protect us from this kind of abuse, or help us to access sites blocked by our ISP or Government (such as in Venezuela).

In Bitelia we tell you today about 4 extremely simple to use services and insurance to surf the web anonymously and protect your identity.

Internet offers millions of opportunities but also carries some that another danger. On the one hand is the security, since if access to pages little recommended, maybe you take of remember some file malicious. Another aspect to have in has is it privacy, as is inevitable that after search by Internet or access to certain pages that leave cookies in our computer, the page to which have accessed will know things of us, as habits of search or even in what country are. Before these two challenges, protect our security and our privacy, one of those systems that rather works is the use of connection VPN online.

It access VPN implies that the data that send and receive from your computer passed by a filter, a server that serves of protection. An example of VPN service that draws attention by being free and available for most platforms, is Spotflux, since it is very easy to install, requires no configuration and ensures privacy and security in equal parts.

Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram system of buying followers is still one of the most searched services

Buy Instagram Followers

The life of entrepreneurs, it is often a little lonely. Of course you have your staff, your customers and partners, but at the time of search innovation and meeting the news, in many cases, the work is your own. Wouldn’t it be great to hear other people’s suggestions and have more collaboration, each sharing what it does and the results you got?

Because that’s exactly what a group of readers of this column did. In February, when we publish the text “a step by step for your business to invest in marketing, with tips for campaigns and other marketing activities, we ask that people share their experiences to help other entrepreneurs with ideas.

Among the suggestions received, two came from the power segment, and we’re going to count now for you.

Gilberto Junior, of Premiatto, for example, explained that they are focusing more on digital marketing this year, with actions on Facebook and Instagram. With this strategy they achieved significant increase of sales, in addition to more customer loyalty. Sure, it’s a very positive feedback!

In addition to thank Gilberto for the collaboration which, of course, will help many people, I would like to say who the best proof the menu of social networks is always satisfied, making an allusion to the segment of restaurants. After all, it’s just for Facebook and Instagram that Brazilians more dedicated time. Spread the dishes, promotions and recipes, plus making off, can be a very positive idea to woo more audience and shares. In addition, in the case of franchises, for example, you can invest in Facebook campaigns geared to a particular neighborhood, city or region, reaching directly and the public that the brand wants to impact.

In any case, another rule of not publishing just propaganda, but also deliver relevant content, of interest to customers, how to tips, facts about ingredients, typical dishes of travel itinerary, recipes that made success in certain films, in addition to posting (with authorization), photos of customers in the restaurant, social events etc.

Needless to say that William’s ideas can be an excellent source of inspiration for other restaurants, right? Again, Facebook and Instagram are the best channels to invest in social networks. If you want to dare a little, how about a plan for the Snapchat, which is still little explored in this segment by the competition?

For the commemoration of the anniversary, the House may suggest a cultural contest, for example, to engage customers and attract others. In addition to the weekly promotions, another easy idea to be implemented is a loyalty program. Thus, customers earn and accumulate points, which then can be redeemed for a dessert, discount, a drink special or another advantage.

The strengthening of partnerships for sale can also be explored and reported on social networks and even in email marketing campaigns for clients in the House. And the sushi can be further worked on social networks. How about a challenge, for example, for people to share your recipes?

The tips from readers who collaborated with this column are very valuable and can make all the difference in your business, even if it’s not a restaurant. Any suggestions in this respect can be adapted to any company. But, even so, if you have any questions about your thread or some action or strategies, send to this essay, as it may help a lot of people!

Koje Programski Jezik biste trebali koristiti za izradu web stranice?

Koje Programski Jezik biste trebali koristiti za izradu web stranice?

izradu web stranice

Izrada web stranica je zadatak koji vam svibanj pronaći teško učiniti na svoju ruku, ako se ne vješt u tome. Odabir jezika razvoj web aplikacija je bitan dio svake web razvoj. Postoji nekoliko načina, tehnika i alata kako bi proširili web razvoj. Tu su i mnoge različitih jezika koji su različiti programeri koriste za razne različite svrhe web development.

Različiti programi i jezici se koriste za različite svrhe. Iako je većina od jezika koji se koriste radi najbolje za vlasnike web stranica ima nekoliko koji su najčešće i naširoko koristi. Ove različite aplikacije napraviti različite zadatke. Stoga je teško shvatiti za web programer za izabrati iz tih nekoliko web jezike koji najbolje radi za njih. Ovdje je kratko objašnjenje za svaki od zajedničkog jezika koji se koriste za brzu i kvalitetnu izradu web stranice koja će vam pomoći izabrati između ovih različitih jezika za svoje web razvoj.

Danas postoji niz skriptnih jezika kao što su Cold Fusion, Perl, JSP, ASP.NET, PHP i sl koji se koriste uobičajeno kod većine programere. Ovi jezici su uglavnom podijeljeni u dvije glavne struje – open source jezika i vlasničkih jezika.

PHP- PHP je najčešći jezik te je u osnovi open source programski jezik. Većina programeri vole koristiti taj jezik zbog svoje fleksibilnosti i jednostavnosti za korištenje. Ova web jezik je potpuno besplatan za korištenje i redovito ažurira nego bilo koji drugi programski jezici na webu. Zbog svojih velikih mogućnosti i prednosti to je jedan od najomiljenijih jezika među web programere.

ASP.NET- To je jedan od najvažnijih prilagodljiv web jeziku. Možete jednostavno primijeniti ovaj jezik s sastavio jezika poput C, COBOL, Lisp, VB i scripted jeziku kao što je JScript, Python, VBScript i sl to je super web jezik koji se također može koristiti s VisualStudio.NET, C ++ Builder i Web Matrix itd

JSP (Java) – JSP ili Java poslužiteljskih stranica, je open-source programski jezik koji se može koristiti čak i bez znajući Java Script. Ova web aplikacija razvoj jezika omogućava Java tag knjižnica programere ugraditi jednostavne oznake rukuju.

Perl- Perl je također jedan od najomiljenijih open source programski jezik koji je vrlo učinkovit i utjecajan. Web aplikacija programer može lako dobiti bilo koji alat im je potrebno iz ovog programskog jezika.

ASP Umrežavanje To je danas široko koristi web razvoj jezika. Pojam ASP je kratica za Microsoft najnoviju verziju Active Server Pages tehnologije. Danas većina web programeri su koristeći ovu tehnologiju za stvaranje i razvijanje atraktivan, učinkovite i dinamične web stranice.

Odabir web jezik je težak zadatak za vas učiniti, a ako niste vješti u tome naći ćete ga teško znati što je bolje za vas. Možete uzeti pomoć web development tvrtka koja će vam pomoći odabrati bolju razvoju alata i odgovarajuće web aplikacija jezik što je dobro za vaš poslovni model web stranice.

4 punte Instagram per un business online

4 punte Instagram per un business online

follower su instagram

Io voglio parlare di una rapida crescita sito di social media che sta realmente crescendo rapidamente e offre un vero e proprio un buon potenziale di promozione on-line per tutto il commercio. Sto parlando di Instagram!

Prima di arrivare a questo, quando si tratta di marketing un business online di molti dei vecchi pubblicità a pagamento on-line continua a funzionare. Annunci pay per click su Google, e Yahoo / Bing ancora lavoro. annunci PPC su Facebook funzionano davvero.

Tuttavia, non si può negare il potere di Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, e così via. Lo stesso vale per Instagram

Instagram è appena 4 anni e ha oltre 150 milioni di utenti in tutto il mondo. Significato, che visualizza i vostri prodotti e servizi aziendali on-line attraverso foto Instagram ha una vasta raggiungere tutto il mondo.

Ecco alcuni consigli Instagram importanti per un business online.

1. Condividi le tue foto su altri social network. Idealmente, si desidera che il business per essere popolare tra molte persone, comprese quelle che non lo sono su Instagram.

Per raggiungere questo obiettivo, condividere le informazioni importanti per quanto riguarda i vostri prodotti e servizi su altre reti sociali come Twitter e Facebook. In questo modo si permette alle persone che non sono Instagram abbonati di avere le tue foto e fare clic sul tuo link, che può portare ad un miglioramento delle vendite e profitti.

2. Utilizzare i tag hash. Utilizzare specifici tag hash in quanto vi aiuterà a ottenere più seguaci su Instagram per condividere le foto con.

Quando si utilizzano i tag hash essere sicuri di evitare affermazioni generali quali #television, invece dire #Samsung #LCD. Prova il più possibile di coinvolgere i tuoi seguaci utilizzando efficaci tag hash.

Inoltre, assicurati di controllare ciò che altre imprese nel vostro settore stanno facendo. Essi potrebbero avere nuove idee che non si conosce.

3. condividere contenuti importanti solo. Intuitivamente, molte persone vogliono solo conoscere le informazioni più importanti sulla tua attività, beni e servizi.

Quando si condividono informazioni follower su Instagram essere sicuri di condividere solo le informazioni importanti per quanto riguarda il business, i propri prodotti e servizi. Evitare di utilizzare la condivisione di informazioni che non possono aggiungere valore al business.

4. Siate coerenti. La coerenza è molto importante quando si tratta di aumentare le vendite e la popolarità business attraverso qualsiasi rete sociale.

Assicurarsi che le foto pubblicare e condividere su Instagram raccontano la stessa storia sulla tua attività. La pubblicazione di informazioni incoerenti e incoerente può essere costoso followers falsos, in modo da assicurarsi sempre di attenersi alle stesse informazioni che si desidera dire alla gente quanto riguarda la vostra attività.

Seguire questi suggerimenti Instagram per un business online per ottenere nella foto condivisione di gioco social media. Lavorano!

Instagram Follower Kaufen

Wie wir Tausende von neuen Instagram Follower gekauft

Instagram Follower Kaufen

Die Instagram Community ist stark 500 Millionen Nutzer und große und kleine Unternehmen sind bestrebt, einen Anteil an die Augäpfel zu bekommen. Für Marken ist jedoch die Herausforderung bestimmen, ob ihre Marketing-Bemühungen von Instagram wirksam sind. Bauen sie eine relevante Zielgruppe? Sind sie erfassen und konvertieren neue Leads? Treibende ROI?

Instagram neuen Funktionen für Unternehmen zu helfen, sollte diese Fragen zu beantworten – und möglicherweise machen sie weniger abhängig von Arbeit mit Multiplikatoren.
Das neue Hilfsmittel zur Marken “abheben, erhalten Sie Einblicke und neue Kunden zu finden” gehören Geschäftsprofile, Analysen, und die Option, um einen Beitrag in eine Anzeige direkt in der App Instagram zur Kenntnis genommen, dass es Hunderte von Unternehmen, die neue Werkzeuge zu gestalten interviewt. Die leistungsstarken Analysen könnten Unternehmen investieren mehr in die Mobile-orientierte Plattform schwingen. Es gibt einen Haken: anderen Benutzern (einschließlich Beeinflusser oder Prominente) erhalten keine die Analysefunktionen.

Die Tools angekündigt sind erinnert an Muttergesellschaft Facebook-Tools für Marken. Unternehmen werden in der Lage, Profile, kostenloses Feature zu erstellen. Von dort können Unternehmen, wie Kunden mit ihnen in Verbindung setzen können: per Anruf, SMS oder e-Mail. Benutzer können Wegbeschreibungen zu den Geschäften zu bekommen.
Zusammen mit dem Geschäftsprofil kommt Bezeichnung erweiterte Analyse, die Instagram Insights nennt. Unternehmen “verwertbare Informationen” in der mobilen app mit Dingen wie Top-Performance stellen, Reichweite, und Eindrücke und Anhänger Daten wie Geschlecht, Alter und Standort sehen werden, berichtet TechCrunch. Unternehmen müssen eine Unternehmensseite auf Facebook schon um den neuen Werkzeugen, ein weiteren Zeichen der Integration zwischen den beiden Plattformen zu erhalten.

Bewaffnet mit Einsichten, Marken können konvertieren, hoch performante Beiträge in anzeigen direkt in der App können Marken wählen Sie ihre Zielgruppe oder zulassen Instagram darauf ein. Insgesamt können die Tools Unternehmen verwalten ihre Instagram-Präsenz und wirken auf Analytics unterwegs innerhalb von wenigen Klicks.
Die Werkzeuge ergänzen scheinbar Instagram Algorithmus Veränderungen, die neu, die “best,” mehr relevante Beiträge am oberen Rand des Benutzers Feed statt der neuesten Beiträge anordnen. Im Durchschnitt Anwender vermissen 70 Prozent ihrer RSS-Feeds instagram follower kaufen, Instagram, sagt, und Neuordnung Beiträge basierend auf Relevanz für den Benutzer dabei helfen sollte.

Jedoch wenn der Algorithmus Posts von Freunden über Marken priorisiert, schaden könnten, die Marken Handlungsfähigkeit mit Benutzern. Die neue Business-Tools – und der einfache Zugang zur Schaffung gesponserte Beiträge — könnte dazu beitragen, diese Ängste zu lindern (während stieß Marken um ihren Geldbeutel zu öffnen).
Insbesondere nicht die Business-Features für private Benutzer verfügbar sein – was bedeutet weder Promis mit massiven Anhängerschaft zu Mikro-Beeinflusser werden in der Lage, Zugriff auf Daten zu, die mit ihren Beiträgen interagiert. Natürlich könnte dies zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt ändern. Laut TechCrunch testet Instagram Einblicke mit verifizierten Accounts mit großen Anhängerschaft.

Durch das Angebot von Analysen, Instagram hofft, machen es einfacher für Marken zu sehen, was für sie arbeitet – und ermutigen sie, Geld ausgeben, um ihre Bemühungen noch weiter zu machen.

Forschung zeigt, dass diese Anzeigen auf Instagram follower kaufen besonders effektiv sein können. Benutzer neigen dazu, “branded Content auf der gleichen Ebene tun sie non-branded Content, fand eine Studie von Markerly wie”. In der Tat mag Inhalte von Marken mit mehr als 250.000 Anhänger tatsächlich mehr verdient als Inhalte von Benutzern nicht gesponsert, mit ähnlicher Größe wie folgt.